Terms of Services Agreement

WorkBC Contractor and Approved Subcontractors

MAXIMUS Canada Employment Services (MCES) has been contracted by the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction to manage and deliver the WorkBC Employment Services contract in South Okanagan, Abbotsford, Mission, Greater Victoria and Nanaimo. MCES utilizes a number of Approved Subcontractors to deliver service through three different service delivery channels; the WorkBC Center, virtually, and via outreach.

Policy 1 – WorkBC Employment Outcomes

By signing this agreement and receiving WorkBC Employment Services you have agreed to provide details of any future employment in accordance with Ministry policy. Under the terms of WorkBC policy the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction requires confirmation of your employment details at 4, 24, and 52 weeks of continuous employment.

Policy 2 – Communications

As a condition of receiving WorkBC Employment Services you agree to be contacted and to maintain regular contact with WorkBC and our Approved Subcontractors including after you obtain employment for a period of 52 weeks of continuous employment as required by the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction.

Policy 3 – Health, safety and wellness of our team, clients and stakeholders

All of the MCES and WorkBC policies and protocols are applicable to all three service delivery methods. Polices and protocols are in place to protect the health safety and wellness of our team, clients and stakeholders; and maintain the standards of MCES and WorkBC Employment Services.

Policy 4 – Service Access Card

To obtain service from MCES or our Approved Subcontractors Clients must use their MCES issued Access Card or their unique Access Card number.

Policy 5 – Integrated Case Management System

MCES and our Approved Subcontractors are required to collect and input information into the Integrated Case Management System (ICM). The ICM is used by the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction to deliver key programs such as WorkBC.

Policy 6 – Privacy within Public Space

The Resource Centre is a public space and the decision is yours whether or not to discuss your resume, cover letter, job search or any information within the hearing of others.

Policy 7 – WorkBC Computers are monitored

WorkBC Centre computers and internet access are for job search and job retention purposes only e.g. resume development, researching training options, career assessments, completing job applications online. You will be asked to leave the premises if MCES resources (telephones, fax/photocopiers, computers, communications technology etc.) are used for personal or business purposes. No inappropriate material may be viewed. This includes but is not limited to pornography or violence of any nature where the rights of others are in violation. Downloading data/programs/images is not permitted. MCES has the right to monitor individual internet use.

Policy 8: Email, Messaging and Social Contact Websites and Services are for Job Search and Job Retention only

Clients using MCES computers may access email to contact employers, training providers, or to send or retrieve copies of employment search documents such as resumes or cover letters. Email may not be used for personal reasons. Messaging and chat is not permitted. Social contact websites and services are restricted to job search purposes only. Facebook may only be used for viewing employer pages. Unless requested not to, Service Providers may use a person’s email address to send WorkBC communications.

Policy 9 – Cell phones

Cell phones must be on mute during workshops or group sessions. Employment related calls are permitted if they are not disruptive to other Clients and service providers

Policy 10 – Photocopiers and Printers

The photocopier and printer are for job search documents only (e.g. resumes, cover letters) a limit of 10 copies may be made per day.

Policy 11: Workshop Privileges

If a Client has requested a workshop but is not able to attend, they are expected to call our front desk to cancel or to reschedule 48 hours prior to the workshop. If an individual does not attend registered workshops without cancelling or rescheduling within 48 hours, they may be noted and a “no show” and restricted to the waiting list for future workshops.

Policy 12 – Print materials and other resources

Print materials such as Newspapers, magazines and books are for use in the WorkBC Resource Centre only. These articles are not to be taken offsite.

Policy 13 – Consideration and Respect for Others

All Clients using the WorkBC Centre, virtual or outreach services must treat each other and staff with respect. Staff will not tolerate raised voices, swearing, verbal or written hostility, physical harassment and other behaviors deemed inappropriate. Clients may be served with notice to cease unwanted activity or prohibition to enter premises which could result in service suspension or termination

Policy 14 – Drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol and Weapons

Use of drugs, tobacco and alcohol is not permitted on site. If you have been using drugs or alcohol causing impairment prior to arrival, please return on a day when you are ready for active job search or job retention services. Weapons of any kind are prohibited. Smoking and vaping (including e-cigarettes) is prohibited.

Policy 15 – Hygiene and Scented Products

With consideration for others, scented products are not permitted. Personal hygiene and grooming, and employment ready apparel must be regularly attended to.

Policy 16 – Compliance with staff directives is required

Clients shall comply with Staff directives and not obstruct and/or interfere with Staff in the performance of their duties. Clients are prohibited from taking photographs and videos of staff without their written consent.

Policy 17- Food & Drink

No food or drink is allowed near computer stations.

Policy 18- Personal Belongings

MCES and our Approved Subcontractors are not responsible for the safety and security of your personal belongings. Do not leave your belongings unattended.